Sustainable Investing Club

Creativity. Sustainability. Responsibility. The UWest Sustainable Investing Club seeks to promote a sense of responsibility to the society, the environment, and future generations by searching for ways to make investing more sustainable. It seeks to be a platform to foster innovative minds in the various areas of sustainable investment. We are an active student-managed group which pursues three primary goals:

  • Provide an opportunity to discuss innovative and ground-breaking sustainable investing ideas that strike a balance between financial, social, and environmental returns
  • Connect members with best practices through mentorship by highly respected experts while bringing the sustainable ideas to reality and making a difference in people's lives
  • Race for first place at the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge in London

Let us come together and find ways to make the world a better place for the future generation. It is a challenging and rewarding mission. You are welcome to join our discussion every Tuesday at 4:00 pm in ED 233 (Computer Lab inside the new Student Resources Center). Bring your best game to the Sustainable Investing Club!

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Club Email:
President: Aarond
Vice-president: Tim
Secretary: Ven Hongyan
Treasury: Dillon

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Chi Sheh -

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