2013 Ceremony


Saturday, May 18, 2013

The commencement student check-in and rehearsal will take place at 12 noon, and the ceremony will begin in the auditorium at 2 p.m. Please be sure you arrive on time. Thank you.

Please keep in mind...

A student’s participation in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee or automatically imply graduation from University of the West. A diploma will be issued only when all academic requirements are complete and all financial accounts are cleared.

If you are near the end of your degree program and you think you may be eligible to graduate in a specific month and year, we encourage you to speak with your Department Chair for clarification. Otherwise, if you know you are completing your degree please fill out the Intent to Graduate form located at the Registrar's Form Center and follow the instructions listed on it.

Certificate students are not eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. Doctoral candidates are not at liberty to walk who are required to complete the oral defense of dissertation or research project before the commencement.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Office of the Registrar

Admin. Bldg. - Rm. AD102
University of the West
1409 Walnut Grove Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91770

Phone: 626.571.8811 x 119
Fax: 626.571.1413


Academic Honors, Apparel & Processional

The tradition of the academic processional and academic apparel goes back to the practice of the oldest European universities, when gowns and hoods were required in the fourteenth century. Academic apparel indicates the most advanced degree held by the wearer. 

The color of the edging of the hood indicates the academic field (scarlet for Religious Studies/Master of Divinity, drab for Business Programs, and white for Psychology), and the colors of the lining of the hood indicate the school from which the degree was received.

Undergraduate honors are awarded for academic excellence based upon a graduating student’s cumulative grade point average:  cum laude (with praise), magna cum laude (with great praise), and summa cum laude (with highest praise). Honors are not commonly awarded for graduate degrees.

The marching order of the academic procession is as follows: degree candidates, faculty and the platform party.


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